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40 of 49 samples of milk found adulterated in Fatehgarh Sahib
Wednesday, 29/04/2015

FATEHGARH SAHIB: Of the 49 samples of milk collected by the dairy department in ward number 9 recently, 40 have been found adulterated with water.

Dairy department had collected the samples as part of a surprise check in ward number 9. As per the report of dairy department, 40 samples of milk had 64% water mixed in them. Remaining nine samples were found up to mark.

Shockingly, the adulterated milk is being sold at `35 to `40 per litre, which according to Milkfed officials was not worth more than `15 per litre.

According to the dairy department, the collected samples did not have fat more than 3.0 and SNF (solid not fat) was also less than 6.0. Milkfed officials said good quality milk, costing about `25 per litre, should have fat more than 5.1 and SNF should be 8.

Meanwhile, the Dairy Development Authority’s (DDA) technical officer Darshan Singh said department had organised more than 20 camps to caution milk consumers. However, still milkmen were succeeding in selling adulterated milk.

Charanjit Singh, inspector, DDA, said, “We regularly collect samples of milk to make sure that people get good milk. The report is also being sent to district administration and district health department. However, the dairy department lacks in power to take action against the culprits. The milk which is being supplied to homes by local milkmen is definitely of bad quality and people should be more aware about that.”

Milkfed officials said the department should regularly check the milk to ensure the quality. Besides, the health department should also make sure that nobody messes with the health of public by any means.

MC chief Tirlok Singh Bajwa said the department should conduct such checks regularly to spread awareness among public about milk adulteration.


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