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‘Milk more dangerous than modern medicine’

Friday, 10/06/2016

PANAJI: With cows grazing on grass laced with toxins, plastic bags, and the like, milk has become more dangerous than modern medicine, feels spiritual leader Yogi Ashwini of the Dhyan Foundation .

"In the cities, cows often end up chewing plastic bags, hospital waste from garbage bags and other kind of waste. All this goes straight into the meat and milk of the animal. In such a situation, how would it be healthy for us?" he said, at a media briefing here on Thursday.

He also spoke about harmful effects of drinking milk from cows that have been injected with oxytocin hormone. "Milk from such cows causes more harm than good and alters estrogen levels in women who consume it. The hormonal chaos gradually leads to ovarian cancer," he said.

Asked how people could avoid consuming milk containing such toxins, Yogi Ashwini said it was best to drink milk obtained from a cow of indigenous breed. He also advised procuring the milk directing from a gaushala, as opposed to buying packaged alternatives. "It is best to go to a gaushala. The milk that comes from them is indeed healthy, and not poisonous," he said.

He also opposed drinking the milk of cows whose calves had been prematurely weaned off, saying, "The cow suffers an emotional trauma when the calf is taken awaybefore time. This increases the acidity of the milk."

The Dhyan Foundation head believes the human body should be more alkaline than acidic in its composition, and cautioned against consumoption of foods like red meats and paneer that are acidic in nature. He urged people to maintain a positive frame of mind, exercise regularly and perform specific asanas to boost the secretion of necessary hormones in the body.


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