Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruMilk?

TruMilk is a brand of milk sourced entirely from PMSL's farms. TruMilk products include fresh milk in puches and bottles, Paneer, Ghee(butter) and Dahi (curd). All products are made only from 100% pure cows’ milk from cows on PMSLs own large farms under the strictest hygiene standards.

What products does TruMilk offer?

Products Abbreviation Clue Fat Content (%)
Standardized Milk (Pouch) SM Full Cream 4.5 %
Toned Milk (Pouch) TM   3 %
Double Toned Milk (Pouch) DTM Low Free 1.5 %
SM Bottle SM Full Cream 4.5 %
TM Bottle TM   3 %
DTM Bottle DTM Fat Free 1.5 %


What are PMSL Farms?

PMSL is a farm management company ISO certified 2011, was created to provide state of the art farms to provide quality of facilities like animal healthcare, and feeding offers to cows, otherwise unavailable in India.

PMSL Farms have full time veterinarians, laboratory, milking parlous, milk cooler’s, administration block, fodder store and a weighbridge. 

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is a process of heating liquid/ Milk; to a specific temperature for a predefined time and then immediately cooling it. This process slows spoilage due to microbial growth in the food.

Why is TruMilk is expensive in comparison to competitors or other regular packed milk?

  • TruMilk believes in quality and no compromises.
  • TruMilk comes from PMSL Farms with assured Quality.
  • TruMilkis produced with the help automatic European machines in milking parlor.
  • TruMilk is neither collected from local dairies nor from unidentified source like other milk companies.
  • TruMilk is ISO certified 2011, which proves that PMSL follow best practices in processes to bring best quality of pure fresh cow milk.
  • TruMilk is 100% pure cow milk. It is not a blend of cow and buffalo milk.
  • TruMilk cows are never injected with hormone shots for milk production.

“Freshest, Cleanest, Safest” what does it really mean? Why Tru Milk is Different?


  • 100% Fresh milk as it is chilled to 4o C immediately after milking.
  • Pasteurized and packed in processing plant.
  • TruMilk is far from adulteration, as production unit don’t add anything to give an artificially long shelf life.


  • TruMilkCows are clean through out the day and milked according to a 7 step international system.
  • TruMilk is even never exposed even to the air due to fully computerized machines.
  • No buckets, no flies, and no compromise.


  • TruMilk is safe for consumption straight from the packet, no need to boil first.
  • It is ISO certified 2011.
  • All TruMilk Cows are tested for TB and other Diseases, to ensure safety for you and your family.

Where can I buy TruMilk?


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    Shweta Banerjee, South Delhi

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    Seema Goyal, Ludhiana

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    Dr Vijay Bector , Ludhiana

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