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‘Chemical milk’ gang busted; Bhopal and Delhi were main markets

Saturday, 20/07/2019

BHOPAL: Check twice before having a glass of milk; it may contain white paint and detergents.

In a major crackdown, Madhya Pradesh STF has busted three factories that were manufacturing highly toxic synthetic milk and passing them off as branded milk in five states in connivance with quality control officers and agents. The poison factories were in the Chambal districts of Morena and Bhind, and Bhopal and Delhi were among the main supply markets.

Not just milk. Paneer also isn’t what it should be, as STF confiscated a large quantity of this adulterated stuff. Collectors in several districts have been alerted to collect samples of milk and test for adulteration.

The deadly liquid is said to be a cocktail of milk, white paint and shampoo or detergent. Urea was also mixed and the ‘milk’ sold in spurious packaging of two well known brands. There was no way an ordinary family would make out it was fake.

Twenty STF teams worked for 72 hours under special DG Purshotam Sharma and ADG Ashok Awasthi to to shut down this deadly syndicate.

As many as 57 people have been arrested from Morena and Bhind.

Some food inspectors involved with gang: STF
As many as 20 tankers, 11 pickup vans and 2,275kg maltodextrin — an artificially produced white powder used as a thickener, filler or preservative — have been seized.

Experts say maltodextrin spikes blood sugar and can prove dangerous for diabetics Similarly, detergent in milk can cause food poisoning and severe gastrointestinal complications. The high alkaline level of this concoction damages tissues. Other chemicals — sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), urea, sodium carbonate, formalin, and ammonium sulphate — that the gang used could lead to heart problems and cancer.

Sources in STF say a section of food inspectors was hand-in-glove with the gang. “We will press charges against everyone involved in this. Our investigation will continue until the last member of this syndicate is sent behind bars,” Awasthi told TOI.

STF SP Rajesh Bhadoria said the cost of producing 1 litre of synthetic milk was Rs 5 and it was sold for Rs 45 or Rs 50 in cities like Bhopal and Delhi.

“They were producing 2 lakh litres of this ‘milk’ every day and supplying it in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other states. The manufacturing units were spread across several acres of land and hundreds of employees worked in 24x7 shifts. Those supplying raw materials to these factories have also been booked,” said the SP.


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